Performance /

Heritage Mythologies

Live Cinema/ Scratch Video Performance 

Live at SAW gallery, Ottawa ON. 2010 12min. 10sec. 

Materials: 2 Technics 1200 Series Turntables, DJM800 Pioneer Dj Mixer (w/MIDI), Audio 8 DJ Sound Card (N/I), 2 Mac Pro Laptops, Video Projector, Standard 2 Channel Sound System, 2 Specially Encoded Vinyl Records, VJ software developed by the artist in Max MSP Jitter (Cycling 74).

Heritage Mythologies is a Live Cinema/Scratch Video performance artwork that utilizes gesture controlled vinyl-tracking technology in conjunction with specialized software in order to edit, manipulate and ‘scratch’ audio/video media in real-time. Heritage Mythologies premiered as a part of an international artist residency/ exchange project between Canada and Ireland entitled Crossings (curated by Christine Connley). The performance was delivered in two parts; the first ‘episode’ took place at SAW gallery in Ottawa during Aboriginal Awareness Week, and ‘episode 2’ was presented at Catalyst Arts in Belfast. 

The artwork incorporates elements of ‘Canadian cultural heritage’ such as video fragments of the famous Heritage Minutes that aired on CBC television in the 1990’s. The work also features a number of remixes incorporating Canada’s national anthem, footage from the Oka Crisis, protests surrounding the 2010 Olympic games, and archival footage of residential schools mashed-up with parliamentary footage of the official Federal government apology in 2008.

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